March 02, 2013

201 N. Rowan Avenue, Spencer NC ~ Custom Brick Ranch ~ For Sale

201 N Rowan Ave, Spencer NC ~ $84,900
Welcome to 201 N Rowan Avenue in Spencer, North Carolina.  This single owner, custom-built, Ranch~Style home by Donald Wood is for now for sale at just $84,900. This lovely brick home sits up on a very nice large corner lot with great lot size and square footage to play with.

201 N Rowan Avenue is in solid condition, offers 3 bedrooms & 2 baths, a huge family room & living room, and formal dining room. 201 N Rowan Avenue has an uncluttered floor plan, a beautiful front porch, a partial basement with workshop, and a carport with a separate storage room. This charming brick home’s design allows homeowners great flexibility in personalizing their ranch home. 

Ranch~Style homes were extremely popular in the 1960s and now, as the Baby-Boomer generation is looking for more flexible living in their home design, are regaining their popularity due to the range of benefits that ranch style homes offer families. Ranch-style homes, defined by a long, typically one story, spacious and open house plan, first made their appearance in America in the early part of the 20th century. They feature a long, low, ground-hugging profile and are mostly single-story in character.

Interior Features
This sweet Ranch-Style home, built in the 1970's, features an open floor plan ~ all of the major rooms flow one into the other.  For example, the 19’ x 13’ living room is undivided by a wall separating it from the 11’ x 10’ dining room, which flows into its cute and spacious kitchen with an abundance of original wood cabinets and eat in bar area.  Speaking of cooking, a well-designed kitchen can save you precious time three times a day! Imagine serving up the dinner you prepared and serving it in your formal dining room or even on a coffee table in your den. This Ranch-Style home represents single-level living, therefore offering you incredible convenience because your kitchen, living space, bedrooms, baths, and laundry areas are all right at your fingertips.  (201 N Rowan Avenue has a neat little basement with a workshop ~ adding another plus to the features of this great home!)

Exterior Features

201 N Rowan Avenue's design is in keeping with the architecture typical of Ranch~Style homes with a number of distinguishing exterior features, including a long, low roof-line and brick veneer exterior.  This well-designed, one-story homes offers great natural lighting with large windows allowing the sun to warm you on a chilly winter morning  ~ offering a glimpse of the Southern charm of tree lined streets and children playing. An attached single-car carport keeps you dry when you're bringing in your groceries. A spacious front porch compliments the design and overall curb-appeal of this home.


The Ranch~Style home at 201 N Rowan Avenue has many benefits. It has great functionality, allowing people to entertain indoors and outside. Older people and families with young children will appreciate the single-story design. If you are starting a family, this Ranch~ Style home is less risk for your kids who just learned to walk to tumble down the stairs, and you won’t have to worry about those baby gates falling, or drilling into your wall to install them. Ranch style homes are also perfect for the elderly. Many retirees don't like the hassle of running up and down stairs for laundry or any other reason. Most of the time, multilevel homes have the laundry on different levels than the bedrooms making laundry day tedious, unless you are into getting your exercise!  

Additionally, the basic construction of 201 N Rowan Avenue and simple design features has all its load-bearing walls on the outside perimeter of the interior mean that remodeling and renovation require less effort. Decorating ranch homes allows homeowners to get creative. The open floor plans and flowing spaces encourage a retro look like the popular mid-century modern and bohemian modern styles.

Energy Efficiency

This Ranch~Style home at 201 N Rowan Avenue is quite reasonably priced and offers an exceptional value to buyers.  It is easily heated and cooled, and with electric baseboard heat, costs can be less than the same square footage in a two story home. While a two-story home gives a perception of more space, you're taking a flight of stairs up to the other rooms in the house. In the Ranch home, the rooms are all on one level.  Cooling a second floor in a house in the summer will cost more, as hot air rises. This ranch will be easier to cool, as it's all on the ground floor. 

As Americans deal with rapidly-increasing energy costs, the budgetary benefits of a smaller home become apparent, and this is where existing ranch homes have the advantage. It is no longer about the quantity of square footage, but the quality of how it is used, and when energy costs are measured by cubic feet, the 1484 square footage at 201 N Rowan Avenue will have attractive energy bills.

Still Need Convincing?

There are both state and federal tax credits available for energy efficiency improvements, and working with trained and certified energy efficiency professionals will help you pin-point the improvements that will deliver the most comfort and long-term savings for the dependable ranch home.
Original Plans for 201 N Rowan Ave, Spencer NC

201 N Rowan Avenue is in Spencer NC, close to exit 79 on Interstate-85, downtown Spencer, and the City of Salisbury. This brick ranch home is in great shape and well cared for, but does need a bit of new paint and carpet. At under $100,000, the price reflects the very little updating this solid home may want.
This is a quality, custom-built home that has had a single owner (we have the original house plans!) . . . buying this ranch home in Spencer North Carolina will be a great investment, bringing you great value for your money.

Rowan County Realtor Greg Rapp can get you into your new home at 201 N Rowan Avenue sooner than you think!  Call Greg at 704.213.6846 to see the possibilities this wonderful home offers for yourself!

3 Bedroom ~ 2 Bath Ranch~Style Home ~ $84,900

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