December 10, 2017

Arts & Crafts Brick Fulton Heights Home - SOLD with Greg Rapp

Greg Rapp, with Wallace Realty, just closed the deal on this beautiful Arts & Crafts brick home in the popular Fulton Heights neighborhood of Salisbury, North Carolina. This neighborhood is home to a treasure trove of beautiful houses dating from the 1900-1940 era. Realtor® Greg Rapp with Wallace Realty has earned the nickname "The Fulton Heights Expert", after a record of listing and selling homes in this national historic district.  Although this solid brick home is now off the market, you can still call Greg at (704) 213-6846 to find more homes for sale like the Arts & Crafts home at 216 Mitchell Avenue, the primary avenue through the neighborhood.  

Fulton Heights Historic District was one of Salisbury's Street Car subdivisions. Laid out in a grid, the neighborhood is interlaced with sidewalks creating a friendly atmosphere for walking and neighborhood activities.

About 1902, the Southern Development Company began building a new subdivision in Salisbury NC, Fulton Heights, located a mile south of the city. At the same time, Southern Railway was establishing a major maintenance facility in a new town, Spencer, three miles northeast of Salisbury. The Fulton Heights developers pushed for a streetcar system that connected their neighborhood to downtown Salisbury and Spencer. What strengthened the system was the steady expansion of the Southern Railway facility (and Spencer) and Fulton Heights (which added an amusement park). In fact, many managers of the railroad lived in Fulton Heights and commuted to work on the streetcar.

Mitchell Avenue was the site of the original trolley line, and the tracks are rumored to still be beneath the attractive planted medians that divide the avenue down its center. The streets are lined with homes that reflect nationally-popular architectural trends from the period spanning 1903 through the 1940s, most rendered as modest cottages and bungalows but also including a relatively small number of houses of the late Victorian era. An active neighborhood association plans ever-popular events such as annual Easter-egg hunts and a Halloween parade that attracts children from all points of Salisbury.  The neighborhood worked with the City of Salisbury to install a small neighborhood park ~ prized by the residents.

This beautiful 1860+ square foot home holds many original details from its 1921 beginnings, such as the original mantel piece, cabinets, and the original 4-over-1 Arts & Crafts style windows. Vintage, yes...but with modern updates including a new HVAC system and new electric panel.  More updated historic homes like this are available in Salisbury, in a wide range of pricing.

Make Fulton Heights Your Home

Isn't it time you took at look at the very popular Fulton Heights neighborhood ... and make one of these beautiful vintage homes your own?  If so, the time is right for you to call Greg Rapp at (704) 213-6846 to claim an Arts & Crafts beauty like the home at 216 Mitchell Avenue, Salisbury NC, SOLD by Greg Rapp!

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* porte-cochère: coach gate or carriage porch,; a porch or portico-like structure at a main or secondary entrance to a building through which a horse and carriage (or motor vehicle) can pass in order for the occupants to alight under cover, protected from the weather.

December 09, 2017

Winter is a Great Time to Purchase a Home!

Winter really can be a great time to purchase a home. Sellers are often more motivated and the holiday spirit just makes people want to be in a home. The combination of fewer buyers and slower business can mean lenders and real estate agents might compete a little harder for your business. Shopping for homes in the winter months also gives you a unique vantage point of a property.

So despite that December is usually when people are looking to deck their own halls—not buy new ones, buying a home in winter can be a smart move. Realtor® Greg Rapp at Wallace Realty, knows why winter may be the best season for buying or selling your home! Give Greg a call at (704) 213-6846 and you'll know why, too!

Many real estate agents will tell you that the holiday season represents a “lull” in the market. But savvy home buyers should look at the advantages of shopping during this season. Mortgage rates are still low - and there are other benefits to home-buying during the “lull” of December through January. 

Why Shop for a Home Now

There is much less competition. People know they are going to be busy or traveling during the holidays, so most deals have been wrapped up or people have put off looking until after the New Year. There are still homes on the market, but not as many people seeking them. This is an advantage to both buyers and sellers.

You might think inventory would be lower in a slow season, but that’s not necessarily true. And those sellers are often highly motivated. The homes available on the market during this season might be the homes that for some reason did not sell during the peak season. The sellers will want to get the deal closed before year end, especially for tax purposes. This is an advantage for buyers, especially if there are points to negotiate.

Some Realtors® love this time of year, because they know that people who are out looking in December are serious. As a buyer, your agent will have more time to focus on you, as opposed to other times of the year when they might be juggling multiple clients. You may not be able to close before the end of the year, but it’s an excellent time to get something under contract.

Buying in winter is also the ultimate litmus test for a home, since all the big systems such as heating, plumbing, roofing and gutters are being put to the test in the cold. Some of the curb appeal may be diminished, but fixing landscaping is a lot less expensive than finding out months later that your furnace doesn’t work.

Moral of the Story 

See what homes are on the market in Salisbury, North Carolina and surrounding areas this winter by calling the area expert Greg Rapp. Greg’s record in selling homes, and finding buyers what they need, is well-known in the area. You'll be HOME for the HOLIDAYS!! (704) 213-6846 ~ Call -OR- Text!

Adapted from an article by Pauline Millard / LearnVest , December 26, 2013,

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