December 31, 2019

Showcase ca. 1912 Queen Anne in Spencer NC ~ Sold by Realtor Greg Rapp!

The beautiful Queen Ann style home, originally built in the heart of the Spencer North Carolina Historical District for banker J.K. Dorsett, has long been a jewel along the sidewalks of Spencer, North Carolina. Featured as a show-case home in the Historic Salisbury Foundation annual OctoberTour of historic homes in 2018, this home is full of character and unique charm, taking you back in time.

When this immaculately kept home hit the market this fall, Realtor Greg Rapp knew just the buyer who would appreciate this circa 1912 homes many original features: The covered, wrap around porch, the double oak doors that lead into two beautiful parlors, (5) original fireplaces and original pocket doors, and restored heartwood pine floors throughout. This stately home has been featured in Spencer's Christmas Home Tours and over looks Spencer's Historic Library and Library Park, where many cultural community events are held.

Today this wonderful home is sold, right in time for the Christmas holidays!

Greg Rapp, with Wallace Realty, is known as the area's premiere agent for the sales and marketing of historic and older properties. If a glorious Queen Anne style home is on your wish list, contact Greg at 704.213.6846 to make it happen for YOU in 2020! Have an older home you are considering selling? Greg Rapp is the agent to call!

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Happy New Year, from Greg Rapp at Wallace Realty, Salisbury NC!

Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you as your professional real estate agent in 2019! All my clients are prestigious customers and my promise is to always handle your 2020 real estate transactions with top care and priority.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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December 07, 2019

List My House for Sale in Winter? YES!!

Contrary to popular opinion, winter can be a really great time to purchase a home, or list your home for sale! Sellers are often more motivated and the holiday spirit just makes people want to be settled in a home. The combination of fewer buyers and slower business can mean lenders and real estate agents might compete a little harder for your business. 

So despite that December might be when people are decking the halls, listing your home in winter can be a smart move. Realtor® Greg Rapp at Wallace Realty, knows why winter may be the best season for buying or selling your home! Give Greg a call at (704) 213-6846 and you'll know why, too!

Many real estate agents will tell you that the holiday season represents a “lull” in the market. But savvy home buyers and potential sellers should look at the advantages of listing or purchasing during this season. Mortgage rates are still low - and there are other benefits to home-buying during the “lull” of December through January.  Your buyers also get to see the home at a rare vantage point: All the big systems such as heating, plumbing, roofing and gutters are being put to the test in the cold. Some of the curb appeal may be diminished, but fixing landscaping is a lot less expensive than finding out months later that a furnace doesn’t work.

Why List Your Home Now

There is much less competition. People are busy or traveling during the holidays, so many deals have been already wrapped up or people have put off looking until after the New Year. There are still homes on the market, but not as many people seeking them. This is an advantage to both buyers and sellers. This is when the active buyer is more serious about obtaining a home, and not just 'shopping'.

You might think inventory would be lower in a slow season, but that’s not necessarily true. And those sellers are often highly motivated. The homes available on the market during this season might be the homes that for some reason did not sell during the peak season. The sellers will want to get the deal closed before year end, especially for tax purposes. This is an advantage for buyers, especially if there are points to negotiate.

Some Realtors® love this time of year, because they know that people who are out looking in December are serious. As a buyer, your agent will have more time to focus on you, as opposed to other times of the year when they might be juggling multiple clients. You may not be able to close before the end of the year, but it’s an excellent time to get something under contract.

Moral of the Story 

Just because it is winter with holidays looming ahead doesn't mean this is the wrong time of year to sell your home! Learn the advantage of listing NOW, this winter, with area expert Greg Rapp with Wallace Realty. Greg’s record in selling homes, and finding buyers what they need, is well-known in the area. You'll be HOME for the HOLIDAYS!! (704) 213-6846 ~ Call -OR- Text!

Adapted from an article by Pauline Millard / LearnVest , December 26, 2013,

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November 06, 2019

Another Prize Vintage Home SOLD - by Greg Rapp Realtor

Real estate agent Greg Rapp, with Wallace Realty, listed this spacious circa 1918 Arts and Crafts bungalow in the North Main Historic District of Salisbury, North Carolina on September 18th, and on October 3rd it was under contract. By Halloween eve, this elevated home at 925 North Main Street overlooking the North Main corridor was SOLD. Is your house still on the market? Call Greg Rapp at 704.213.6846 to spark the interest that will sell your home!

Sitting high on an elevated lot, the L. G. Hines House (per its listing in the National Register of Historic Places, was built about 1918 by L. G. Hines, a Southern Railway yard conductor, and occupied by Hines into the 1940s. Separated from N. Main Street by an attractive stone retaining wall and an impressive staircase, it is typical of the Arts & Crafts bungalows built during the early 1900s - with a gracious veranda, large rooms, and built-in features.

This two-story home, with 2,485 square feet of living space, is now the home of a first-time buyer! What a treat to have a home like this as your first property purchase, with many of its wonderful vintage details still in place!

This house qualifies for fiscal assistance for exterior improvements through the City of Salisbury Historic Preservation Grant program. Located in the center of the North Main Historic District, 925 N. Main Street is just 9 blocks from the center of Salisbury's vibrant downtown, loaded with great restaurants, two micro-breweries, and fun and unique shops.

Realtor® Greg Rapp is known for his expertise in marketing historic homes and structures. Let Greg tell you the advantages, and there are plenty, of owning and living in a house built in this era. The saying, 'They don't build them like they used to!', is around for a reason . . . and could not be truer! Salisbury, North Carolina is known for its marvelous inventory of vintage homes that have been here 100+ years and will be sticking around for another 100! Call Greg today to make one of them yours (or to LIST your home for SALE): 704.213.6846

925 N. Main Street 
Salisbury NC, 28144 

Greg Rapp 
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November 04, 2019

Three Days on the Market ~ and BOOM! Sold by Realtor® Greg Rapp.

The trend towards tiny homes isn’t going anywhere! But despite the trend towards small homes, many people still want the features found in large ones like large open living rooms and restaurant-style kitchens. The minimalist lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and there’s a lot to be said for small homes that feel spacious, versus ones that just feel small. Money-savvy millennials and retirees continue to seek out smaller homes, and Realtor Greg Rapp had just the ticket ~ and placed it on the market on April 6th, and BOOM ~ it was under contract in just three days!

Welcome to 505 W. Peeler Road, Salisbury NC!  

This cute house is large enough to accommodate folks' needs, open enough so as not to feel cramped, and with a bunch of added perks that keep it affordable. A good floor plan plays a key part in this, since the layout of a home can make all the difference in how it actually feels inside. This 1068 square foot house offered an open floor plan and lots of sunny windows that make this 2-bedroom home feel spacious. And the fact that is sits on its deep, nearly one-acre lot gives folks that room-to-breathe feeling!

Small homes come with a lot of benefits, especially for buyers interested in reducing their cost of living. Not only do they shrink utility bills and tax expenses, but they also allow people to live more minimally and simply. 

The people who purchase small homes are often either first time buyers or baby-boomers looking to downsize. The biggest reason why many people are looking for smaller houses right now is because they are more economical. Large homes cost a fortune to heat and cool. With gas prices rising, small homes will continue to be popular.

Call Greg Rapp with Wallace Realty to learn more about smaller homes for sale in Salisbury/Rowan County! 704.213.6846 gets you your showing appointment today! Take the first step towards reducing your cost of living today!

505 W Peeler Street
Salisbury NC 28146-7312
CMLS #3493470
$122,500 SOLD!!!

Greg Rapp 
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November 02, 2019

To Demolish or Not to Demolish. That Was the Question. SOLD!

1408 S. Fulton Street. " Where?", people ask. "That house . . . at the end of Fulton Street." And then the discussion, and the arguments, would start to fly.

1408 S. Fulton Street is perched at the edge of the Fulton Heights National Historic District in Salisbury, North Carolina, one of Salisbury's more desirable neighborhoods brimming with vintage homes, cottage gardens, a park, and a grid of walkable sidewalks. 1408 S. Fulton Street has also been a mistreated and endangered property, its 100+ years of structure showing its age.

A good many neighbors and citizens wanted the 1,966 square foot bungalow demolished, a 'blight on the neighborhood' they said. But just as many, if not more in preservation-conscious Salisbury, wanted the structure saved.

Thanks to Historic Salisbury Foundation and its Revolving Fund, and MUCH contentious discussion, the home was stabilized. HSF contact historic house expert Greg Rapp to sell the home. "Simple!", you might say, or "End of story!", yes? NO!

One of Fulton Heights earlier homes, this circa 1914 home needed a complete restoration! It undoubtedly has the potential to be a lovely 4-bedroom/3-bath home. Other attractive (and redeeming) features include the deep back yard, the beautiful pink granite foundation, and the large front porch and an area at the rear of the house that would be a perfect spot for a deck patio.

BUT . . . This house needed everything. One entire floor was missing from a room at the rear of the home. Folks were advised to bring a flashlight and watch your step!

To make matters more challenging, the home was being sold AS-IS / Cash Only. No 'Sight-Unseen' offers would be accepted. AND Historic Salisbury Protective Covenants and Restrictions would be placed on the deed once the house was sold.

Challenging, you say? Not for Realtor® Greg Rapp. Greg, noted as the area's #1 marketer of historic and vintage homes, listed this home for sale on 08/09/2019, and had it under contract by 09/30/2019. The sale closed on 10/17/2019.

THAT, friends, is not the end of the story, either, but it is the end of this chapter! Now to watch the structure transform into a truly renovated vintage home.

List your vintage or historic home with Greg Rapp when you want fast results and an agent that understands how to sell these special homes that have withstood the test of time. THAT, friends, is the end of story.

1408 S. Fulton Street
Salisbury NC 28144
CMLS #3538790
$30,000  SOLD!!!

Greg Rapp 
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October 29, 2019

Calling All Old-House Fans! Circa 1914 Restoration Project! $100K Under Tax Value!

The pursuit of living in a historic home - whether the chase involves a restoration or an investigation of the structure’s past - is a story to be told. Thankfully for us old-house fans, Greg Rapp of Wallace Realty has his finger on the pulse of the vintage home scene in the Salisbury / Rowan County, North Carolina area . . . and there is always a new story ready to unfold and he is spreading the word!

Welcome to 501 Main Street, in China Grove, North Carolina. This sprawling circa 1915 home is a true restoration project.

It needs just about everything. But, the 3000+ square foot home can boast a new architectural roof, along with some beautiful mill work, mantles and original features including 12+ foot ceiling height on first floor. With (4) bedrooms and baths, this home might offer some special opportunities!

The home is located within the Town of China Grove's Central Business zoning which includes residential use as a "special requirement". Central Business Zoning allows live/work and offices and/or a variety of many other uses.

Home needs a complete rehab. Yes, this once-grand historic home needs everything, but it's priced at $100,000 under tax value (at just $79,900 with consideration for the work it needs!!)!  Quick, grab your tool box and elbow grease . . . this house needs you!

While budgets may vary (and we'll admit that some restorations can be bajillion-dollar projects), there are many diamonds-in-the-rough whose restoration budgets can be realistic.

There is one thing us old-house fans have in common: an unwavering passion for old houses and a dedication to their rehabilitation. Call Realtor® Greg Rapp now to make your pursuit of living in a historic home come to fruition: 704.213.6846

501 N Main Street

China Grove NC 28023-2535
CMLS #3515055

Greg Rapp 
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October 17, 2019

After Low Ball Offers - Farmette Sold at Top Dollar!

When opportunity knocks, sometimes you need to be wearing work boots and overalls with your sleeves rolled up! Realtor® Greg Rapp presented just that opportunity with the 6.48 acre farmette at 2110 Grubb Ferry RoadYes, the house needed work, and lots of it, including a new roof and HVAC (the heat was inoperable - and AC iffy) - but the home has good bones. But the best part? This property was priced at almost $50K under tax value!!!

This circa 1938, 1,316 s.f. home and farmette at 2110 Grubb Ferry Road in Salisbury NC was loaded with potential. And the potential must have been visible . . . because Rapp received several offers, but low and lower - each refused by the buyer. Folks said Rapp and his client were 'nuts' for not accepting the low-ball offers, but agent and buyer stuck to their guns and today the sale on the house is CLOSED at just $10,100 below asking price.

This home, with some elbow grease, will be a country show place. The moral of the story: Work with the real estate agent that recognizes the value of your property.  That real estate agent is Greg Rapp / Wallace Realty: 704.213.6846 Make that call and list your property wtih Greg Rapp this season. "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

Call or text Realtor® Greg Rapp: 704.213.6846 and get your property SOLD!

2110 Grubb Ferry Road
Salisbury NC 28144
$87,500 SOLD

Greg Rapp 
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October 15, 2019

Spacious Rooms and Privacy in this All Brick Home - FOR SALE!

In the North Main Neighborhood of Salisbury, North Carolina, you'll find this charmer on a nearly .5 acre (.43) fenced lot!!!  This 1,893 square foot, circa 1948, 1.5 story brick home offers features galore!

You'll be most impressed by the open floor plan, natural light, and spacious rooms as soon as you enter 215 W. 12th Street.  The large dining room and living room flow into one another with attractive arched doorways with bright hardwood moldings and beautiful hardwood floors, glossed to a high sheen!  A picture window in the living room streams natural daylight, while a beautiful gas fireplace in the connected dining area enhances these open and airy rooms.

The pretty pale grey kitchen has a wonderful corner built-in and removable banquette seating.

A private rear patio area just outside the kitchen door is the perfect spot to enjoy spring and fall morning coffee or evening al fresco dining.

The sun room is an enclosed porch and would be perfect for a home office or breakfast room, complete with a broken-terrazzo floor. The back yard features a wonderful raised bed garden area and outbuilding, all fenced in!

This pretty house was once offered three small bedrooms, but is now a 2-bedroom/2-bath home.

Owners converted two of the bedrooms into a large, welcoming Master Suite with a spacious private bath.

(The space could easily be reconverted to a 3 bedroom home.)

Just look at the incredible floor space in this expansive room!

A second bedroom and second bath room round out the first floor.

Note that the second bath nicely conveniently houses a stacking washer and dryer, creating a wonderful laundry nook!

Permanent stairs lead to a large attic that could be remodeled into living space.

Just when you think you've seen it all, take a trip to the basement level . . . a large dry area perfect for for storage or a workshop . . . and . . . it has its own outside entrance!

And now that we're outside, check out the newly poured (2017) concrete driveway and front walkway. The pretty walk leads to the beautifully landscaped front entrance and rocking chair porch with broken-terrazo tile flooring.

215 W. 12th Street is just blocks from downtown Salisbury's unique shopping, fun and varied restaurants (Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Pizza, and sandwich shops!), two community theaters, and soon to come . . . a downtown central park! Closer to the home, the beautiful Hurley Park and City Park are great for leisurely walks.

Come take a look! Call Realtor® Greg Rapp for YOUR showing! 704.213.6846 - call or text today!

215 W. 12th Street
Salisbury NC 28144
CMLS #3558852

Greg Rapp 
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