November 06, 2019

Another Prize Vintage Home SOLD - by Greg Rapp Realtor

Real estate agent Greg Rapp, with Wallace Realty, listed this spacious circa 1918 Arts and Crafts bungalow in the North Main Historic District of Salisbury, North Carolina on September 18th, and on October 3rd it was under contract. By Halloween eve, this elevated home at 925 North Main Street overlooking the North Main corridor was SOLD. Is your house still on the market? Call Greg Rapp at 704.213.6846 to spark the interest that will sell your home!

Sitting high on an elevated lot, the L. G. Hines House (per its listing in the National Register of Historic Places, was built about 1918 by L. G. Hines, a Southern Railway yard conductor, and occupied by Hines into the 1940s. Separated from N. Main Street by an attractive stone retaining wall and an impressive staircase, it is typical of the Arts & Crafts bungalows built during the early 1900s - with a gracious veranda, large rooms, and built-in features.

This two-story home, with 2,485 square feet of living space, is now the home of a first-time buyer! What a treat to have a home like this as your first property purchase, with many of its wonderful vintage details still in place!

This house qualifies for fiscal assistance for exterior improvements through the City of Salisbury Historic Preservation Grant program. Located in the center of the North Main Historic District, 925 N. Main Street is just 9 blocks from the center of Salisbury's vibrant downtown, loaded with great restaurants, two micro-breweries, and fun and unique shops.

Realtor® Greg Rapp is known for his expertise in marketing historic homes and structures. Let Greg tell you the advantages, and there are plenty, of owning and living in a house built in this era. The saying, 'They don't build them like they used to!', is around for a reason . . . and could not be truer! Salisbury, North Carolina is known for its marvelous inventory of vintage homes that have been here 100+ years and will be sticking around for another 100! Call Greg today to make one of them yours (or to LIST your home for SALE): 704.213.6846

925 N. Main Street 
Salisbury NC, 28144 

Greg Rapp 
Wallace Realty Co. 
704 213 6846 Mobile 
704 636 2021 Office 

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November 04, 2019

Three Days on the Market ~ and BOOM! Sold by Realtor® Greg Rapp.

The trend towards tiny homes isn’t going anywhere! But despite the trend towards small homes, many people still want the features found in large ones like large open living rooms and restaurant-style kitchens. The minimalist lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and there’s a lot to be said for small homes that feel spacious, versus ones that just feel small. Money-savvy millennials and retirees continue to seek out smaller homes, and Realtor Greg Rapp had just the ticket ~ and placed it on the market on April 6th, and BOOM ~ it was under contract in just three days!

Welcome to 505 W. Peeler Road, Salisbury NC!  

This cute house is large enough to accommodate folks' needs, open enough so as not to feel cramped, and with a bunch of added perks that keep it affordable. A good floor plan plays a key part in this, since the layout of a home can make all the difference in how it actually feels inside. This 1068 square foot house offered an open floor plan and lots of sunny windows that make this 2-bedroom home feel spacious. And the fact that is sits on its deep, nearly one-acre lot gives folks that room-to-breathe feeling!

Small homes come with a lot of benefits, especially for buyers interested in reducing their cost of living. Not only do they shrink utility bills and tax expenses, but they also allow people to live more minimally and simply. 

The people who purchase small homes are often either first time buyers or baby-boomers looking to downsize. The biggest reason why many people are looking for smaller houses right now is because they are more economical. Large homes cost a fortune to heat and cool. With gas prices rising, small homes will continue to be popular.

Call Greg Rapp with Wallace Realty to learn more about smaller homes for sale in Salisbury/Rowan County! 704.213.6846 gets you your showing appointment today! Take the first step towards reducing your cost of living today!

505 W Peeler Street
Salisbury NC 28146-7312
CMLS #3493470
$122,500 SOLD!!!

Greg Rapp 
Wallace Realty Co. 
704 213 6846 Mobile 
704 636 2021 Office 

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November 02, 2019

To Demolish or Not to Demolish. That Was the Question. SOLD!

1408 S. Fulton Street. " Where?", people ask. "That house . . . at the end of Fulton Street." And then the discussion, and the arguments, would start to fly.

1408 S. Fulton Street is perched at the edge of the Fulton Heights National Historic District in Salisbury, North Carolina, one of Salisbury's more desirable neighborhoods brimming with vintage homes, cottage gardens, a park, and a grid of walkable sidewalks. 1408 S. Fulton Street has also been a mistreated and endangered property, its 100+ years of structure showing its age.

A good many neighbors and citizens wanted the 1,966 square foot bungalow demolished, a 'blight on the neighborhood' they said. But just as many, if not more in preservation-conscious Salisbury, wanted the structure saved.

Thanks to Historic Salisbury Foundation and its Revolving Fund, and MUCH contentious discussion, the home was stabilized. HSF contact historic house expert Greg Rapp to sell the home. "Simple!", you might say, or "End of story!", yes? NO!

One of Fulton Heights earlier homes, this circa 1914 home needed a complete restoration! It undoubtedly has the potential to be a lovely 4-bedroom/3-bath home. Other attractive (and redeeming) features include the deep back yard, the beautiful pink granite foundation, and the large front porch and an area at the rear of the house that would be a perfect spot for a deck patio.

BUT . . . This house needed everything. One entire floor was missing from a room at the rear of the home. Folks were advised to bring a flashlight and watch your step!

To make matters more challenging, the home was being sold AS-IS / Cash Only. No 'Sight-Unseen' offers would be accepted. AND Historic Salisbury Protective Covenants and Restrictions would be placed on the deed once the house was sold.

Challenging, you say? Not for Realtor® Greg Rapp. Greg, noted as the area's #1 marketer of historic and vintage homes, listed this home for sale on 08/09/2019, and had it under contract by 09/30/2019. The sale closed on 10/17/2019.

THAT, friends, is not the end of the story, either, but it is the end of this chapter! Now to watch the structure transform into a truly renovated vintage home.

List your vintage or historic home with Greg Rapp when you want fast results and an agent that understands how to sell these special homes that have withstood the test of time. THAT, friends, is the end of story.

1408 S. Fulton Street
Salisbury NC 28144
CMLS #3538790
$30,000  SOLD!!!

Greg Rapp 
Wallace Realty Co. 
704 213 6846 Mobile 
704 636 2021 Office