March 23, 2019

Circa 1923 McCubbins House - A Restoration Project - SOLD by Realtor Greg Rapp

Do you drive around wishing you could fix up every fixer-upper you see, restore every bygone-looking home, and salvage every old door, mantel and garden?  Realtor Greg Rapp feels your pain!

Welcome to 1013 N. Main StreetSalisbury, North Carolina. This huge, 2000+ square foot historic home had seen better days, but it had never seen a better price. This fire-damaged, restoration-ready, 2-story weatherboard Four-Square needs more than a coat of paint to bring it back to grandeur.

This 1923 home was built by the McCubbins family and was part of the early 1900s "Steelworth" neighborhood that had been carved out of the plantation property known as 'Lombardy' owned by John Steele. While the Four-Square style house was influenced by the area’s bungalows, it is predominantly Colonial Revival in style and appearance, and is just waiting to be brought back to its former glory.

When this previously beautiful and stately home sadly sustained a fire in 2016, the owner donated the home to the Historic Salisbury Foundation whose teams of restoration craftsmen have been diligently working to stabilize it.

The structure was gutted, teams rebuilt the front veranda, and added a new porch roof. All of the wood windows have been restored.

Fortunately, this well-built home is structurally sound and is ready to rock a full restoration.

This home, in its present condition, is a blank slate, and ready for upfits. Luckily, Realtor Greg Rapp, specialist in historic homes and historic preservation, found a buyer with the vision and sweat equity to grasp this fantastic opportunity to renovate one of the most imposing homes in Salisbury's North Main Historic District!

It will be exciting to see this prestigious home being returned to its former splendor!

Do you have a vintage home that you are considering selling?  Greg Rapp is your agent! If he can sell a home like this... that needs EVERYTHING...think what he can do with yours!  Call 704.213.6846 to make it happen!

1013 N. Main Street

Salisbury, NC 28144
SOLD / Greg Rapp Realtor
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March 22, 2019

926 South Jackson Street - a Restoration and Neighborhood Revitalization Project

Revitalization and concepts of 'new urbanism' are already in full swing in the historic Chestnut Hill Neighborhood of Salisbury, North Carolina. Here is an opportunity to be a part of Chestnut Hill's revitalization with the comfort of knowing you would not be the first!  And at $26,500 . . . this is a project you can afford to take on!

New Urbanism is a development model aimed at creating diverse, walkable neighborhoods. The basic principles of New Urbanism are not new; they are based on the elements of viable urban communities that were built prior to the dominance of affordable housing can support and/or spur neighborhood reinvestment the automobile and suburban sprawl.

This urban neighborhood, just blocks from the vibrant downtown Salisbury area, is framed by architecture and landscape design that celebrates local history, ecology, and building practices. Just to the west lies the nearly 20 acres of picturesque Chestnut Hill Cemetery established in 1888 and a favorite walking trail for many today. Here you'll find the single-story 1,496 s.f. circa 1900 Victorian home on its 50' x 130' lot beside newly created neighborhood pocket park.

Welcome to 926 South Jackson Street - a Restoration and Neighborhood Revitalization Project

This home is a complete rehabilitation project and needs new wiring, new plumbing, HVAC, and repair or replacement to parts of the beautiful metal roof and trim.  The house was last a duplex before lying vacant for some time (it has the remnants of two kitchens!), and will need to be restored to a single-family residence. While this circa 1900 house appears to be solid and level there are a few soft spots in the bathroom floors and limited structural work may be required, along with roof repair or replacement.

926 S. Jackson Street from 2012 Google Photo. House on the right is now demolished.

This neighborhood is part of the essential element of sustaining the historic fabric of the Salisbury metropolis and forms an identifiable area that:
• encourages citizens to take responsibility for their neighborhood’s maintenance and evolution; 
• is compact and pedestrian friendly;
• has many activities of daily living within walking distance, and interconnected streets designed to encourage walking and reduce the number and length of car trips;
• has a broad range of housing types and price levels that help bring people of diverse ages, races, and incomes into daily interaction;
• and is along transit corridors that link neighborhoods and revitalize the urban center of Salisbury.

Sound infrastructure should not be taken for granted. Successful communities need streets and transportation; water, wastewater, and stormwater systems; open space; lighting; and utility infrastructure. All this in place in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood. Attracting new buyers to this cusp neighborhood will be the catalyst to the revival movement that is already taking place in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood. Neighbors and new homeowners are generating a sense of community among residents and establishing stability in the neighborhood for the long-term well-being and revitalization effort.

The success of any neighborhood revitalization strategy depends, in part, on the involvement of the community. Community input and involvement is key here to the current success that Chestnut Hill is experiencing. 926 S. Jackson Street is located right next to a small community pocket park - installed by neighbors and volunteers when this area of the neighborhood was the focus of the City of Salisbury's award-winning BlockWork program.

This Victorian cottage will come with Historic Salisbury Foundation Covenants and Restrictions both on the interior and exterior. Historic Covenants and Restrictions will require that any original windows and exterior wood siding, interior millwork and decorative roof ornamentation all be saved and reused. With nearly 1500 square feet and a good floor plan, there is ample space to reconfigure the home to a 3-bedroom/2-bath dwelling.

Why invest in this vintage home at 926 S. Jackson Street now?

• The influx of new homeowners to the neighborhood adds to the diversity of the neighborhood, and generates the social bonding that helps to stabilize the neighborhoods;
• The partnerships created during the redevelopment efforts are benefiting the City's future redevelopment endeavors; and
• The improvement of a highly visible neighborhood within the City limits will help maintain the City’s population and encourage individuals and families to move into the historic downtown neighborhoods.

The difference between a vision that is implemented and a vision that remains, well, just a vision, is 926 S. Jackson Street. Be the implementation! Call Realtor® Greg Rapp at 704.213.6846 to be a vital part of this revitalization!

926 South Jackson Street
Salisbury, NC 28144
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March 10, 2019

The NC Main Street Conference is Coming to Salisbury NC

Are you interested in downtown development?

On March 12th, the North Carolina Main Street Conference comes to Salisbury NC! The annual 3-day conference, held within a different beautiful NC community each year, is open to anyone interested in learning about downtown economic development. Attendees gain knowledge from networking with other downtown enthusiasts.

Classes, panel discussions, and workshops, facilitated by an impressive lineup of downtown professionals, offer a wide array of topics to help you make the most of YOUR downtown!

After decades of sprawl and suburban dominance, U.S. cities are experiencing rebounding populations, growing employment, and new public and private sector investments in infrastructure, real estate, and place-making. Much of this revitalization can be found in downtowns. It is a welcome and long-awaited upshot of shifting demographics, household structures, and market preferences that are driving higher demand for areas that are walkable and amenity-rich.

Communities that have a high density of office, retail, and residential space find that rents are significantly higher overall, and growing faster, than those in auto-dependent suburban developments, an indication of the pent-up demand for places built for people instead of cars.

These emerging development patterns hold promise for improving accessibility, fostering increased sociability and civic engagement, and generating job growth, creativity, and innovation. Leaders in urban, suburban, and rural communities are thus understandably hungry to better understand and harness the forces behind them to benefit more people and places. They are seeking strategies that scale beyond individual lots or blocks to reinvigorate arts and creative districts, parks, Main Streets, and other economic districts.

At the NC Main Street Conference, March 12 - 14, one of the panel discussions features Brett Sturm, Restoration Specialist at North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, is called 'Living it Up Downtown'.  Brett will be presenting with Salisbury's Diane Young and Pete Bogle speaking at the NC Main Street Conference here in Salisbury on Wednesday March 13th. They will be talking about the return of residential development to historic downtown centers such as Salisbury, and how available grant programs can facilitate building upfits and renovations to foster this emerging development pattern.

The NC Annual Main Street Conference is one of the many educational offerings, provided by the NC Main Street & Rural Planning Center, a division within the state's NC Department of Commerce.  Register . . . or volunteer to be a Salisbury Ambassador . . . today!

And when you are ready to make Salisbury, North Carolina your home, give downtown real estate expert Greg Rapp a call: 704.213-6846.

Join the rebound!

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