November 23, 2012

The Real Estate Agent Who is in it for the Long Haul!

Real estate has seen some ups and some downs over the past decade. Right now, we’re in what can be looked at as a “long-haul” market. What that means is that immediate improvements in the overall health of the industry are not expected any time soon, so people who want to succeed in the real estate business need to be committed for the long haul.

Your real estate agent needs the following to survive in a long-haul environment: 
1. A positive attitude toward the realities of the market. 
2. Strong sales skills and business acumen. 
3. A high level of commitment and discipline. 

Greg Rapp of Wallace Realty has these tools in his real estate toolbox and is in it for the long haul! 

328 Warehouse Drive is a large, over 74,000 total square foot, property with 2 large warehouses, and one large workshop right in the heart of Salisbury, North Carolina! With the property’s security & sprinkler systems in place, 1800 square feet of offices, a kitchenette, and two bathrooms, one might think that this excellent lease revenue potential might have been jumped on at only $395,000 asking price. Yet…this property languished on the market for nearly three years. Greg Rapp had listed the property on & off over the 3-year period, but persistence finally paid off. With colleague James Poe/Wallace Realty bringing Livingstone College to the table, the team was able to negotiate a final long awaited sale on the property to the satisfaction of both buyer and seller in November 2012. Being in it for the long haul pays off for everyone!

Today’s market has revealed where agents are lacking. Warren Buffett has a great quote: “When the tide goes out, you know who’s been skinny-dipping.” Because the tide is out right now, today’s market demands more discipline, mental toughness, and consistency from real estate agents. If your agent does not have those qualities, you and your property are going to be vulnerable. Today we too often hear brokers complain about how tough the market, sellers, buyers, and transactions are. Whoever says success and rewards are easy was mistaken ~ real estate has always been challenging. Real estate transactions may have been easier in the stretch from 2002 to 2006, but that’s gone. It's time to get over it! 

The real estate agents who master their attitudes and maintain a level of discipline to achieve results are having their best year in real estate. Greg Rapp is one of those Realtors. Greg has been able to grasp that concept, putting systems and strategies in place that have been successful in expanding his business. Real estate buying or selling is a commitment towards a goal and your real estate agent must be in it for the long haul. If you think of it any other way, you may be on the wrong track. 

It used to be easy to “flip” or resell a property fairly quickly. At one point in time it was far too easy – now real estate is facing a new reality that is here to stay for a while. It is better to get it right, than right away - a bit of care in choosing a Realtor that is in it for the long haul before you sign on that real estate buying/selling commitment can save you  frustration and increase your long term satisfaction with your property sale or purchase.

Today’s marketplace requires more from your agent. During the current economic downturn, over 300,000 Realtor’s have given up because they refused to change and keep themselves educated on the new processes required to assist their clients in navigating the myriad of requirements posed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD. In today’s market, Greg Rapp feels it is his obligation as a professional to stay abreast of the ever changing landscape in the Real Estate market. To that end, Greg has invested in additional real estate education. By furthering his knowledge, he can help his customers acquire the perfect property or assist them during the sale process in ways that aid clients in obtaining mortgage lender approval. This creates a win/win for both parties.

Greg Rapp is the real estate agent to choose who will be in it for the long haul to either find you the property you are looking for, or to move that real estate you’ve been trying to sell for so long. You can’t be defeated by the marketplace unless you quit. You might be delayed, but you won’t be defeated! Call Greg Rapp today at 704.213.6846 to move your property. Become one of Greg Rapp’s preferred clients ~ he will be glad to represent you.

November 12, 2012

Downtown Salisbury, North Carolina ~ one of 10 Great Neighborhoods for 2012

On October 03, 2012, The American Planning Association (APA) announced the designation of downtown Salisbury, North Carolina as one of 10 Great Neighborhoods for 2012 under the organization's Great Places in America program.

Historic Salisbury Trolley Tours ~
Saturdays from April though October

APA Great Places exemplify exceptional character and highlight the role planning and planners play in adding value to communities, including fostering economic growth and jobs. APA singled out Downtown Salisbury for its 259-year history, architectural heritage, renewed physical and cultural fabric, and seamless integration of residential, commercial and retail uses. The diversity of offerings - shops, restaurants, live theaters, galleries, trolley tours, and living history displays - delivers unique experiences for both visitor and resident.

Downtown Salisbury is the second North Carolina neighborhood - after New Bern's Middle Street - to win an APA Great Places award. Salisbury's commitment to restoring and protecting the essence of its historic community has been unwavering.  These efforts coupled with adaptive reuse and focus on public/private partnerships has fueled growth and reinvestment that have made Salisbury's downtown a dynamic destination.

Through Great Places in America, APA recognizes streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces featuring unique and authentic characteristics that have evolved from years of thoughtful and deliberate planning by residents, community leaders, and planners. The 2012 Great Places illustrate how the foresight of planning fosters tomorrow's communities and they have many of the features Americans say are important to their "ideal community" including locally owned businesses, transit, neighborhood parks, and sidewalks. Downtown Salisbury's journey from merely a government seat to a cultural and economic dynamo illustrates how planning with a vision and steady follow-through can transform a neighborhood.  Concerted and coordinated efforts during the past four decades have given rise to a picturesque downtown Salisbury, full of charm, character, and economic vitality.

Not content to sit on its laurels, Salisbury is looking to renovate the c. 1855 Empire Hotel owned by Downtown Salisbury Inc., a nonprofit redevelopment corporation.  Commercial space is currently available for rent in the Empire Hotel, right along S. Main Street in Salisbury’s thriving retail district and across the street from City Hall.  Contact Greg Rapp (704.213.6846) for more info regarding renting space, or for development opportunities for this grand building and prime location in the center of the award-winning Downtown Salisbury.

The tax base in downtown Salisbury's core increased from $31.5 million in 1981 to $77.9 million in 2010, despite declines in one of the city's historically important industries - textiles. Cultural and arts opportunities in downtown Salisbury rival those found in larger cities. The neighborhood hosts 75 shops, 15 restaurants, five museums, three theaters and a public library. The 2001 master plan vision of creating a festival and entertainment area on Fisher Street and an arts district in a largely abandoned warehouse district has been realized.

Contributions of city boards and commissions, as well as guiding principles laid out in ordinances and planning documents that have shaped the city's "progressive trajectory”. Private property owners have invested generously in the downtown, and volunteers have logged thousands of hours to help make the neighborhood a center for business, entertainment, culture, government, and soon education, with the coming Rowan-Salisbury Schools Central Office.

Click HERE to download a copy of the Salisbury Success Story.  Call Greg Rapp at 704.213.6846 for your own Salisbury Success Story!  Opportunity abounds to make one of Salisbury's downtown buildings your award winning location.  Tune back in here at to hear more about adaptive reuse opportunities in Downtown Salisbury, North Carolina!