March 10, 2013

Another Look at 1401 N Long Street ~ $69K

1401 N Long St ~ Shop + House
We sure don't want to sell this wonderful property short, but we can't exaggerate its features, either, so . . . as we said back on February 27th in WANTED: Vision, Ambition, & Elbow Grease (CLICK HERE) the buildings on the 2-acre space at 1401 Long Street in Salisbury North Carolina needs some work to be restored to its full potential as either a business, a home, or both!

Shop ~ rear additions
Shop ~ large side porch

Take a look ~ the lot is very spacious ~ just over 2 acres on a well traveled corridor in Salisbury.  The shop building or small warehouse, formerly the home of Ellis Contracting, sits to the front of the property.  This 3100 square-foot building has endless possibilities.  Prospective buyers have pictured a bar, a garage, boat storage, and artists collective, and a microbrewery.  Despite the need for repair and upfitting to this 1952 building, the potential hits you as soon as you step into the building.  When you walk into the building, a step down through a small foyer brings you into a large open space that has a stage or raised-floor area at the back wall.  Multiple rooms are off to the right ~ a kitchen space with a pass-through to the main hall, room for a small office, and PLENTY of storage space!  There are additions to the rear of the building that also present endless possibilities for use, and a long, wide, porch stretches along the north side of the building.

The shop/warehouse building appears structurally sound but is in obvious need of repair.  The roof leaks, so it needs repair or replacement, and leaks have damaged some interior space.

Driveway walls
Walking through what was once a gated drive to the rest of the property and you're in a very rural setting . . . large expanses of grass, a fenced pasture, and even a small horse barn.  The horse barn still has its stables intact and has fenced area that was once used for raising chickens. The structure needs stabilizing, as does each structure on the property, but is not beyond repair!
Horse Barn
Chicken coop attached to small horse barn

To the rear of this expanse of property is the once-grand home.  The 2500 square foot structure is in very bad condition with floors falling through.  It may be beyond saving . . . or someone with a good deal of structural knowledge and expertise may be able to resurrect it.  The home has a large, once fashionable, deck and pergola area that leads to a small pond.  One can clearly see that this was once a peaceful retreat from the busy world.  The house is situated approximately 300 feet from the road.  The property itself, a two-parcel piece, is nearly 400 feet deep and 250 feet wide.  The pasture fence overlaps onto a vacant lot next door that measures approximately 100' x 400'.  The owner of this adjoining lot may consider selling to the potential buyer of 1401 N. Long Street.

Driveway ~ looking towards house
Driveway ~ gardens

Multi-tiered deck with pergola
Deck extension overlooking pond
House ~ front ~ viewed from yard

Because of the condition of the buildings here, bank financing will not be available.  However, at $69,000 for this large spread of property in Salisbury NC is priced to move, and priced to allow its new owner budget-room for improvements.  Let Greg Rapp take you on a tour of this property so you can see for yourself the potentially many uses that these buildings could serve.

Rear of house ~ deck to left ~ carport right
Partial view yard~pasture ~ looking toward road

So what's stopping you?  You could be the next bar owner, a garage business, microbrew-meister ~ or just store your boats storage . . .at 1401 N Long Street.  Call Salisbury Realtor Greg today at 704.213.6846.  Get your vision on! This property is a blank canvas waiting for the right buyer to mold its future to a reality!

1401 N Long Street ~ 2-parcel piece ~ 2+ acres ~ $69,000

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