September 02, 2019

Happy Labor Day ~ From Greg Rapp Realtor®

The American worker has been the backbone of our economic growth. What they accomplish is nothing short of miraculous. 

Labor Day was created in the late 1800's because manufacturing workers were concerned they were putting in long hours…on average, 70 hours a week or more. Momentum built and it became a national holiday in June 1894. Work has changed a lot since then, but thankfully, our work still gets done every day. 

Like most societal change, the work is never really done. The problems of the 1830s may be solved for the most part, but there are still issues that need to be addressed. And resolving them will take people of great courage who are willing to stand up and fight, no matter the cost. We forget sometimes that many people do not have a choice about what they do every day to earn a living.

On this Labor Day, let us hope that all workers who struggle in our world will win the day. Because when they do, it’s good for all of us. Adapted from 'Why Labor Day Matters So Much', August 30, 2018, Jill Griffin,

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