February 13, 2016

The Stats Are In! Greg Rapp & Wallace Realty #1 in Historic Property Sales!

Yes ~ The stats are in! 
Greg Rapp & Wallace Realty 
are #1 in Historic Property Sales!

Salisbury, North Carolina and the surrounding rolling countryside and small towns of Rowan County are well known for the historic architecture here. Unlike many Southern towns that suffered the loss of such architecture during and after the Civil War, a great number Salisbury's beautiful homes and downtown buildings are intact, and they tell the story of their history like nothing else can.

Greg Rapp is also recognized as the expert in the area for historic home sales and marketing and for promoting the preservation and reuse of the vintage architecture in Salisbury's downtown. His vision led to the purchase and renovation of the 1800s Bernhardt Hardware in on N. Main Street that is now home to thriving restaurants and retail at the street level with residential living spaces above.

So if we know all this ~ why the drum roll?

Because the numbers don't lie! And this is why you should list with Greg if you are wanting to sell that old house...or if you are in the market to buy an antique home and wouldn't move into a new home if it landed on you! (We know who you are!)

Here's the deal:

When real estate agents list a home for sale, they can 'key' the property as historic. This is the tool we use to see how many historic homes are available for sale when you say, "I am really interested in an older home."

Additionally, real estate agents look at each part of the home-sale transaction as an individual transaction. Example: Greg Rapp sells a house for his seller. That's one transaction. Greg Rapp sells this same house to a buyer. That's a second transaction. You and I tend to see this as one transaction, as in 'the house sold' ~ BOOM! But that is not how it works in the world of real estate!

We'll show you how this works! 

In the period from January 2015 to January 2016, if we key in 'historic' and 'Fulton Heights' (one of the 10 historic districts in Salisbury NC) in the Salisbury Rowan Association of Realtors® database, there were 19 historic property sales in the Salisbury area...or 38 transactions. Of those 38 transactions, 14 of those were Greg Rapp's. That's 37% of the total historic sales! And if we look at Wallace Realty as a company, Wallace agents closed 21 of those 38 transactions. That's 55% of the market!

We can look at this in another way that is actually much simpler...and to the point.

There were 19 historic properties sold. 
10 of those were sold by Greg Rapp.  
That's 52% of the historic sales 
attributed to ONE AGENT:  
Greg Rapp of Wallace Realty!

Friends, the numbers don't lie! 

When you are looking for a historic home in the Salisbury/Rowan area...Wallace Realty is the agency to call, and Greg Rapp is your agent! When we say no one knows historic and vintage properties like Greg Rapp, we mean it! And we have the stats to prove it!

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