December 08, 2013

Cutest House Ever ~ SOLD ~ in 10 Days!!

On October 29, 2013, Greg Rapp, licensed Wallace Realty Realtor®, listed the Cutest House Ever ~ a home we affectionately took to calling "Grandma's Cottage". One might think that the market for a small, 2-bedroom house on a remote road might be tough, but it's not so when you have the right real estate agent!

On October 29th, 355 Dukeville Road in Salisbury, North Carolina, hit the market....and in just 10 days, Greg Rapp had "Grandma's Cottage" under contract. The entire deal was signed, sealed, delivered by December 3rd....just 35 days for the entire process!

Need to buy/sell a home or commercial property?  Contact Greg Rapp ~ 704.213.6846 ~ and get things moving!!!

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