May 29, 2011

The Porch Defines and Reflects the Historic Character of a Home

Why is a home with porch space so special? The porch adds two distinct functions to the value of a home: The front entry and the display of the architectural period statement and the intrinsic value, or the actual use of the porch. The relationship of space, features, materials, and finishes, give a home historical character. The porch can have multiple advantages. Whether it is the main, formal entrance to a grand, large home, the formal entrance to a more modest home, perhaps not the ‘front door’ but the entry from a porte-cochere, or the rear of the home overlooking the gardens or another scenic view, it is a place of quiet, family and friend times. The impact to the character of the house in coordination with doors, fanlights, sidelights, pilasters, entablatures, columns, balustrades, and stairs adds value beyond financial gain and benefits you and your family for years to come.

The design of a porch creates an architecturally significant, welcoming entry, that focuses on views of the landscape, provides a retreat, and/or to serves as an extension of the living space of a home.

It can be enclosed by screen, latticework, windows, or design featured walls, and in the beautiful homes in Salisbury North Carolina, they often incorporate period design and statement architectural integration. They are usually architecturally unified with the rest of the house, while decks which are typically open to the sky are not usually architecturally integrated with the home design.

Porches are extra rooms

Providing protection from sun and rain, porches can become an exterior room that generates more square footage to the home that can be used as living space. Accommodated with chairs, tables, and other furniture, the value of the home is greatly enhanced with a porch providing a place of relaxation and entertainment.

The key to a good porch is good design.

When looking for a new home in Salisbury NC, or when putting your existing home on the market, look at the porch and ask the following questions:
Does it match and complement the house? • Is it in the best location? • How functional and convenient is it? • Is the size too big/small for the yard and house?  If you are putting your home up for sale, you may wish to consider updates and features for your porch. You might want the flexibility to have screen windows that could be changed to glass doors. Consider the location of the entry and exits, and the flow in relationship to the main house entry. It may be possible to utilize an existing window or door opening to fit in with the scheme of the house. Does the porch overlook a garden or pool, the street or a scenic view? Are there built-in amenities? How does sun and wind affect the living space?

Curb Appeal: Can A Front Porch Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Beyond the beauty of a porch there are also several practical benefits including a good return-on-investment, enlarged living space, protection for your front door and foyer and more.   These benefits include:

Curb Appeal:  An impressive front entry is a critical aspect of curb appeal. The difference between a “flat-faced” home and a home with a full, covered front porch is most dramatic. Front entryways gracefully defined with architectural components beautifully complement a home’s style.

Added Value: Enhanced curb appeal is always desirable, and can translate into a higher selling price for your home down the road. Real estate agents often mention the importance of the front entry in photo listings and buyer visits.

Protection from the Elements: A front entry with no covering exposes your guests and home to damaging sun and rain. A porch or portico provides great protection for the front door, hardware, trim, lighting—and even, foyer. And your guests will truly appreciate it on rainy or hot, sunny day. It can even help lower your summer energy bills.

Magnetic Affect: If you have children or neighbors, nothing beats a covered front porch for entertaining! It’s a wonderful place to socialize, catch up on the latest news or just relax and enjoy the company.

Living is Easy: An expansive, shady front porch offers a delightful retreat. Add ceiling fans, comfortable chairs and tables and you’ve just added a lot more square footage to your home, not to mention, a special place to unwind and watch the rest of the world whirl by.

As a reflection of your home, an invitation to passersby and an open window to the world around you, the porch can be the threshold to the outdoors, a getaway to read a good book or a place to share coffee and conversation with friends. It will be a place where you build your memories, watch your children grow, enjoy a cool drink in the summer, and the place you find your private moments to take in life.

Looking for a home with a porch to build your memories?  Call your local Salisbury NC Realtor Greg Rapp at 704.213.6846 to see a wide variety of homes in Salisbury NC with fabulous porch designs.

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