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"Greg Rapp Superstar!

I just wanted to take a minute and sing the praises of Greg Rapp! It was such a pleasure to sit back and watch someone wield a craft they have honed to perfection! If anyone knows Historic Salisbury and her homes and how to sell them it’s Greg! Our home had challenges in multiple areas and I’m sure was not the easiest he has been asked to move but Greg never had a negative word and really encouraged us to seek what we wanted. I had fears as the house next door had languished for months under another agent even though it was in better shape than ours, Greg faced it head on. Our house was under contract within 48 hours of Greg putting up his sign, I am convinced that this result was because of the way Greg works his market and has a following. If you are looking to sell OR buy in NOMA please don’t look at anyone else besides Greg Rapp." 

Michael Canterbury, 1210 N. Main Street, Salisbury NC

"After looking at numerous houses, Greg showed us this one and we made an offer the next day. The process was so easy, no running around and Greg took care of all the details for us! We appreciate all he did to make the showings work with our varying schedules and getting the right professionals for the inspection. Thanks so much, Greg!!"

W. J. Alexander- Persse/Owner & Mgr
South Main Book Co
110 S. Main St
Salisbury NC 28144


I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your help with the sale of my parent's home. This sale had many challenges and with my being out of state, I really needed someone who knew the market. You kept me updated throughout the entire process, provided invaluable feedback and advice, and persisted when things got shaky. Selling this house quickly and for the best possible price was a top priority for me and my parents. You delivered on all fronts! Thank you!

C. Bagdonis


Thank you for all you have done to sell the property. You did a beautiful job marketing the house and land. It is hard to let go of the place that has been in our family for so long. I take comfort in the fact that it will be taken care of and loved. I am so happy that we will be able to go back from time to time. I look forward to seeing the house restored to her former glory. I hope my parents will be smiling from above. 

I always liked the porches [....]Mama use to have a wringer washer that sat out on the back porch and where laundry was done. One of my happier childhood memories was washing the back porch with Tide laundry soap and sliding around in my bare feet on the wooden floor of the porch. To this day, I wash my own front porch as a rite of Spring. I don't slide around on the porch anymore, but it does bring back those happy memories. 

I hope that you will be blessed in your ongoing effort to rescue older homes, and that you can rest assured you found just the right buyers for this house." 

K. Sedberry

To those considering moving to the Rowan County North Carolina area:

When we went looking for an historic Victorian in Salisbury, NC, we had the very good fortune of finding Greg Rapp’s website, www.realestatesalisbury.net. In showcasing homes the site provides excellent photos, factual and historic information, background information unique to Victorians, and what is involved in owning an historic property in North Carolina. Before contacting Greg we had identified our first choice; the home we later purchased.

Almost immediately we knew our choice of real estate agent couldn’t have been better. He isn’t just selling homes. Instead, he is one of those fortunate few who has found a way to make a living doing what he enjoys; helping those who love old houses as much as he does find what they want. And it was quickly evident he clearly understood what we needed and tailored his assistance to us; assistance that exceeds the norm in the real estate market. 

He started before we flew in from out of state, making certain we were well versed on all aspects of the community, the resources available, the options we had, and the constraints we would face; presenting both the positive and the negative clearly and completely. So thorough was his preparation of us our visit was more like a min-vacation than a search for a new home and community. He played a part in this as well, recommending we stay with delightful hosts in their B&B.  

His connections throughout the community are excellent. Once we had made a selection he orchestrated the whole process, directing us to funding sources, including grants available for historic preservation, negotiating with the seller, arranging an inspection and recommending those we could use in getting the necessary work done. Since we were having to do this long distance he acted as our liaison in securing bids and overseeing the work. He even recommended options for the move itself.

There has been no part of our search, purchase, and move in which he has not offered assistance. Thanks to his caring, the entire process has worked well for us. Finally, because he was easily and quickly accessible, not just Monday through Friday but on a 24/7 basis, any problems that did arise were quickly and effectively addressed.

We highly recommend Greg to anyone wanting to purchase an historic home in the area.


Chris and Gene Goetz

"Greetings: Yes, I would like to send my personal thanks to all from here in Afghanistan. Erika and I really appreciate what everyone has done and contributed to helping us through an unusual sell of a home to Erika and I. Unusual in that I was not there to help Erika. It is good to know we are doing business with a reputable companies who understood our dilemma. 

Greg, this all started with you and your personal customer service. You went out of your way to show us what we needed. We cannot thank you enough. You kept our expectations reasonable, and delivered everything. Erika and I talk about you fondly as you are the only person we both know in our new community. We hope our relationship will continue to grow with you. We have a great amount of respect for you and company. The way you sell houses are the right way; no pressure and plenty of options. 

Thank you, Greg! Thank you, Bernie Sahadi PMP, CSM "


"Working with Greg was beyond great! We had been working together for a couple of months and he was very patient with us. Greg had our best interests in mind at all times! He ended up showing us a house that wasn't on our list and we fell in love with it! Thank you so much for everything Greg!"

Ashley Lannon & Chris

"Our recent experience with Greg Rapp was excellent from the first day we visited Salisbury. We were interested in finding an historic home and found very useful information about Greg's listings on oldhouses.com

Greg is passionate about preserving and restoring historic homes and was able to show us a variety of these homes which were on the market. He was also a great resource in answering the many questions we had about the town of Salisbury and always responded to phone calls, emails and texts in a timely fashion. Once we found the house we wanted, he was instrumental in guiding us through the important steps of making an offer, negotiating the final price and helping us through the final stages to our closing. He was very sensitive to our time frame and showed great professionalism and care during the closing process. Greg has a great personality and continues to help us now we have relocated from out of state. We highly recommend Greg Rapp to anyone looking for a home in Salisbury and feel confident that we made the right choice in using him and Wallace Realty."

Andy & Mary Walker

"Greg, I contacted you 1st, and I noticed that you get things done pretty fast, so I would like to have you to be my agent to sell this property. I'm looking to establish a long term relationship with you, working more deals in the area! I bet you have more ideas than me when we talked -- I saw you have Facebook, a website, and other tools, which is great. Marketing is everything!!"
~ D. Xin

"[Our neighborhood is] considering how we might advertise all listings that are on the market for sale or rent in the neighborhood. The idea a subcommittee is exploring is listing this information on [a] site the neighborhood uses for internal communication as well as newsletters and other information. If this model works for our neighborhood we could roll it out in others to use as a tool to promote . . . homes. Since you have been involved with other efforts, and in my opinion are the local leader in online real estate marketing, your input would be appreciated and recognized!"

~ Geof Wilson

"When we purchased our home in Salisbury, we got lucky when we chose Greg Rapp as our Realtor. He immediately answered our inquiry and helped us through the long buying process, going well above and beyond what he had to do (After we closed, he even dropped by our house to check on things when we weren't there, to make sure things were OK!). He answered our questions - and as first time home buyers, we had many! Greg is extremely knowledgeable about the area and has great connections within the industry. If you are thinking about buying (or selling) property in this part of North Carolina, then this is the man you need."
~ Shane. C. Harris


"My wife and I can’t say enough about how fortunate we were to stumble onto Greg Rapp. We made a blind call to get some assistance in our home search in Salisbury and found an individual who not only understood what we were looking for but was willing to balance the obligations he had to both ourselves and the sellers so we could literally buy the “house of our dreams.” He relentlessly worked through every problem that we had to deal with over the lengthy application process and was dogged in making the things happen that needed to happen. And he did it all with a calm and professional demeanor that kept us positive and willing to move forward. This was not an easy transaction and I would not have wanted anyone else working for me."

~ Harry & Joyce Krantz

"My husband and I purchased 429 Park Ave and completed an ongoing renovation of the house. We have always been preservationist and knew this house needed to be cared for. We stopped our personal renovation one block away and moved our efforts to 429 Park Ave. We wanted to see this house returned to its former beauty. After two years of renovations we were ready to sell. We knew the housing market was tough and it might take time. We interviewed several local agents and chose Greg Rapp to represent us because of our desire to find a buyer with sincere intentions to preserve this home. Greg delivered in a BIG way. We could not be happier. The new owner is a wonderful addition to our neighborhood. We are happy to turn this house into his home. Greg has been wonderful to work with and he made the sale of this home possible. Now we can continue the renovation on our other home just a block away."

~ Garth & Belinda Birdsey

"We recently relocated to North Carolina from New England, and knew that finding the right real estate agent would be the first step in making the process turn out successfully. We crossed our fingers, chose Greg Rapp at Wallace Realty from the phone book, and could not have been more satisfied with the selection. We feel we had the best agent in the area in our corner. Greg brings experience & professionalism to the process. He's hard-working, persevering, flexible, and very responsive to his clients' requests. Greg really knows the area & the local market, and has a true sense of pride in the community, which allows him to help customers learn about the opportunities in & around their chosen location. Greg was able & willing to direct us by explaining the differences in the home-buying process to out-of-state clients, and by suggesting local lenders, attorneys, inspectors, contractors, etc. who can put the whole process in motion. If you are looking for a top-notch real estate agent in the Salisbury area who will work hard for you, choose Greg Rapp!"

~ Peg & Bill Puza

"We were very pleased with our home buying experience with Greg. We've moved numerous times around the country and have spent considerable time with Realtors. We found Greg to be professional, prepared, and responsive. We had a limited amount of time to look at houses when we moved [to Salisbury NC] and Greg was able to quickly zero in on exactly what we were looking for!"

~ Glenn & Holly Appleton 

"Why did we choose Greg Rapp as our Realtor? It was easy. He was the ONLY ONE out of the several real estate agents we contacted who promptly returned our calls and was RESPONSIVE. He listened to our needs and helped us find the perfect home."

~ Tony & JoAnne Hoty 

"As a first time home buyer, I had no idea where to start. I found Greg Rapp on Wallace Realty’s web site and contacted him for information. He was extremely helpful in telling me what steps to take next and what was to come in the home buying process, and he referred me to a wonderful Loan Officer to get the process started. Greg was willing to sit down and go over every piece of paper work with me and explain it to me. He made it very easy to schedule and see houses and was willing to show me any property I was interested in. He knows the Salisbury area very well and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the community. I would recommend Greg to anybody looking to buy in the Salisbury area, he knows the community and the houses. Greg made the home buying process simple and quick and before I knew it, I was in my own house! Thank you Greg for making it all possible!!"

~ Cari Grindstaff

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  1. Diane and Mark PeoplesSeptember 10, 2020 at 1:46 PM

    We can't thank you enough, Greg, for helping us through the selling of our house. The process was made so much easier by you. We had questions (and lots of them) and you answered our questions quickly. I highly recommend contacting you for anyone who is looking to list an older home as we had. You knew exactly what we needed to do to make the most on the sale. Your knowledge was welcomed and we can't thank you enough! Thank you again for all of your hard work, Diane and Mark