May 25, 2023

Another Historic Home SOLD with Salisbury Real Estate LLC

The Circa 1925 Sigmon-Black House - Historic Fulton Heights
Sold with Greg Rapp | SRE

On the market and under contract in 7-days, another vintage home listed with Greg Rapp and Salisbury Real Estate LLC, the area's premiere historic and vintage property licensed real estate agent. 

Why list with Salisbury Real Estate? 

Buyers and sellers both gain the information they need to make informed decisions, move their property transaction forward, and never miss an opportunity. Is it time for you to take advantage of this experience and expertise? Lets talk. The next 'SOLD' announcement could be YOURS. 

Call for your exclusive consultation: Realtor® Greg Rapp 704.213.6846

Greg Rapp 

Salisbury Real Estate LLC 
704 213 6846 Mobile 

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