March 06, 2018

Vision and a Little Elbow Grease Needed Here...and That is All!

Edtior's Note:  Now priced at $82,500  5/19/2018

Once upon a time, in Salisbury North Carolina, there was a beautiful historic home known as the Fulton-Blackmer House. This grand home, one of the jewels in the crown of the prestigious West Square Historic Neighborhood in Salisbury, was built in 1820 by John Fulton on the street which would later be named after him.

In December of 1984 the home was burned by a devastating fire that burned the roof off, gutted the upstairs and burned much of the structure on two sides. The home sat vacant for a number of years. The building was deemed unstable by the City of Salisbury and condemned because of complaints. The city had all intentions of demolishing the structure.

In 2012, the Historic Salisbury Foundation purchased the home. After some stabilization work, the Foundation placed the Fulton-Blackmer House on its annual OctoberTour of Homes in 2013, then placed the home on the market to find an owner. In December of 2013 the home was purchased by Beth and Glenn Dixon, and the Dixon’s set to work with Alfred C Wilson and Company to restore the home to the original grandeur. What a feat!

The circa 1820 Fulton-Blackmer House is now a treasure to behold with a story that no one could have imagine being told.

Around the corner, also in the Historic West Square Neighborhood, is the beautiful four-square at 313 W. Fisher Street. This fine two-story home built in 1913, like the Fulton-Blackmer house, is listed for sale with Greg Rapp for the Historic Salisbury Foundation. Unlike the tragedy of fire that devastated the 1820 Blackmer house, 313 W. Fisher has not suffered the damage of fire. Instead, it has suffered the travesty of having been divided into a multi-family unit, with apartments within. Due to city ordinances, the home must be returned to a single-family residence. Sound daunting?

Unlike the Blackmer house, that was left with a burned roof and damage to the structure, the historic home at 313 W. Fisher Street sports a new roof and is structurally sound.  AND...the work on this home will likely be eligible for North Carolina Preservation Tax Credits.  All this home needs now is someone with vision and a little elbow grease to restore it to match its neighborhood peers . . . and what beautiful homes they are!

The best news of all? This home is listed at just $91,500 $82,500 for nearly 4,000 square-feet of living space!

Learn more about 313 W. Fisher Street >HERE< . . . but better yet . . . give Realtor® Greg Rapp a call at (704) 213-6846 to see it for yourself, take in the neighborhood, and picture yourself living in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Salisbury in your restored historic home!  Get your vision and elbow grease ready. . . you won't regret this!

313 W. Fisher Street
Salisbury NC 28144
$91,500  $82,500

Greg Rapp 
Wallace Realty Co. 
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