August 10, 2014

You Want Visibility & High Traffic for Your Business?....Buy the Okey-Dokey General Store in Salisbury NC!

Location, Location, Location!!
REALTOR® Greg Rapp has the ideal location ~ with LOADS of visibility, high traffic, great parking, space galore...and all in a wonderful historic building ~ for your business venture!  It's time to check out the Okey-Dokey General Store space in Salisbury NC ~ right on the main drag (E. Innes Street) from the Interstate 85 into Downtown Salisbury!

Choosing a business location is perhaps the most important decision a small business owner or startup will make, so it requires precise planning and research. It involves looking at demographics, assessing your supply chain, scoping the competition, staying on budget, understanding state laws and taxes, and much more.

Most businesses choose a location that provides exposure to customers. Additionally, there are less obvious factors and needs to consider, for example: 
  • Brand Image – Is the location consistent with the image you want to maintain? 
  • Competition – Are the businesses around you complementary or competing? 
  • Local Labor Market – Does the area have potential employees? What will their commute be like? 
  • Plan for Future Growth – If you anticipate further growth, look for a building that has extra space should you need it. 
  • Proximity to Suppliers – They need to be able to find you easily as well. 
  • Safety – Consider the crime rate. Will employees feel safe alone in the building or walking to their vehicles? 
  • Zoning Regulations – These determine whether you can conduct your type of business in certain properties or locations. You can find out how property is zoned by contacting your local planning agency.
The Okey-Dokey General Store, 126 East Innes Street in Downtown Salisbury, North
Carolina ~ has all of the above.  Even zoning regulations are easy in Salisbury with the City of Salisbury's new One-Stop-Shop for info and permits!  This incredible ~ over 12,000 square feet, 8300+ above grade, 3-story building in Downtown Salisbury sees an over 22,000 car count per day. There perhaps is not a more excellent retail location in Salisbury, and there is the potential to upfit the second story to accommodate residential units. MLS# C56243 

The Okey-Dokey is a circa 1900 storefront in Salisbury, a city that treasures its historic culture and buildings.  The City of Salisbury offers incentive grants annually for facade improvements to any buildings that are located in the Municipal Service District.   The improvement grant programs offer financial incentives through matching grants for business and property owners to upgrade building facades, parking lots, signage and landscaping. Applications will be accepted throughout the year as long as funds remain, and all projects must be completed by May 30, 2015. 

The 24-block Municipal Service District runs from Jackson Street to Long Street and from Horah Street to Cemetery Street in Salisbury NC. This district was established in the early 1980s to provide a mechanism for generating tax revenues for downtown area improvements.  The city started the Innes Street Improvement Grants Program in 1996 as a result of the recommendations of a study by the Urban Design Assistance Team, which recognized the Innes Street corridor as essential to the future of Salisbury. Improvement of the corridor also is part of the Salisbury Vision 2020 Comprehensive Plan. Together, the two programs have generated more than $12 million in private improvements from $850,000 in public dollars invested since 1981. new owner of the Okey-Dokey General Store...are eligible for this grant program!

Location, Location , Location!! 

You might have heard people say that location is the most important thing for a business. Then, the next most important is ... location!  Look no further!

For many businesses, getting the right location can make the difference between success and failure.  If you're looking for a prime location...and love both visibility and a historic building...CALL NOW! CLICK HERE to call Greg Rapp: 704.213.6846

126 East Innes Street in Salisbury, North Carolina can be yours.  It's just a phone call away!

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