July 06, 2013

10 Cool Things To Do With Your New Warehouse! $59K!!!

(Editor's Note 10/22/2014: This property is now listed at just $44,000!)

We have a small warehouse on a great piece of property for sale in a great location:

And the options are endless for this warehouse space on Long Street, a well traveled corridor and a potential forefront of opportunity in Salisbury, North Carolina. And at just $59,000 ~ you'll have spare cash to do cool things with your new warehouse!

You ask, "What will I do with my new warehouse"? Here are just a few cool ideas...

1) Store stuff in it. Cool stuff.

2) Use it as a carpenter's workshop or an artist studio, or open a gallery. 

3) Remodel into a live/work space like a groovy movie star in NYC.

4) Divide it into condos and sell like a real estate guru.

5) Rent it out and become a landlord and possibly become a millionaire. You never know.

6) Host a killer party in it and gain the respect and admiration of all of your friends. They'll be tweeting about it for days.

7) Knock it down and build a 60-story skyscraper or 3-story row houses . . . whatever works.

8) Film a music video inside like 'OK Go' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybUFnY7Y8w) which will become viral and seal your fate for fame.

9) Build a brewery in it and have free beer forever. Or open a speakeasy, and please, invite us.

10) Use it as a topic of conversation at dull cocktail parties and tell them about your skyscraper idea.

Or you could do something totally practical and use it as extra storage or for band practice, but we just couldn't help ourselves! 

Want to come scope out this warehouse investment opportunity? Give Greg Rapp a shout today at 704.213.6846.

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