August 24, 2012

"Rebecca of the Well" ~ Historic Fountain in the view of the Historic Bernhardt House

Raphael Tuck & Sons Postcard Series No. 2297 “Salisbury, N.C.”
Copyright 1906 Theo Buerbaum

“Rebecca of the Well”, in her day, stood in the center of the square at Innes and Main Street in downtown Salisbury NC, Rowan County.  The original “Rebecca of the Well” fountain, installed in 1888, was used by the citizens of Salisbury for watering horses and for fire protection.  The fountain was removed to make way for the new streetcar system that Salisbury would install between 1903 and 1905, and eventually the cast iron was sold for scrap metal during World War II. An exact duplicate was made from the original 1888 molds and installed at the intersection of Innes and Depot Streets.

'Eliezer and Rebecca' Giambattista Pittoni, 18th century
The story of "Rebecca at the Well" comes from the Book of Genesis. The aged Abraham, wanting a wife for his son Isaac, sent his servant Eliezer to his homeland to find a suitable woman. Tired after his long journey, Eliezer stopped at a well and prayed for guidance. When Rebecca came to the well with her jug, he understood this to be a sign that she was to be Isaac's bride.  In the Genesis story, Rebecca not only gives Eliezer water to drink, but gives water to his camels as well.
"Rebecca of the Well", by Salisbury artist Robert Toth

The beautiful “Rebecca of the Well” fountain that now stands at the corner of Depot and East Innes Streets, represents the centerpiece of the Robertson Eastern-Gateway Park, and replicates the figure "Rebecca" which stood in the "Square" in downtown Salisbury ~ a resplendent reminder of Salisbury’s rich history. 

The historic Bernhardt House, at 305 East Innes Street, is just over the railway bridge from “Rebecca of the Well”.  The late Victorian Italianate landmark Bernhardt House, c. 1882, stands on its original site and is another unique cornerstone structure at the entrance of Historic Downtown Salisbury. This significant landmark is filled with special features above and beyond its expansive space (over 4500 square feet), its architectural integrity, and its prime location for a business.  The Bernhardt House, rich with historic details, is for sale at only $175,000, in the heart of the gateway to a thriving downtown and just minutes from the Interstate Highway.

The c. 1882 Bernhardt House just over the railway bridge from 'Rebecca of the Well"

The Bernhardt House, immaculately restored yet offering many modern business conveniences, is a 19th century gem rich with details.  “Rebecca of the Well” watches from the bridge ~ waiting for The Bernhardt House's new owner!  Let Greg Rapp show you opportunity a business at 305 E. Innes Street in The Historic Bernhardt House will create for you!  Call Greg today: 704.213.6846!

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