June 17, 2012

The Bernhardt House ~ Filled with Special Features!

The Bernhardt House, c. 1882 and on its original site at 305 E. Innes Street in Salisbury, North Carolina,  is a unique 2-story, late Victorian Italianate style and the cornerstone to the entrance of Historic Downtown Salisbury. This significant landmark is filled with special features above and beyond its expansive space (over 4500 square feet), its architectural integrity, and its prime location for a business.  Let Greg Rapp show you the details that take The Bernhardt House, at only $180,000, to a new level!
While the house has been through several renovations, many original features remain, and the renovations were done with respect to the house’s high style, architectural period, and design integrity. 

Let’s take a walk around the exterior of the home.  Because The Bernhardt House was refashioned to house office suites in the 1990’s, there are four entrances . . . the front entry across the front veranda to the main hall and parlors with original door and glass, a rear door that leads to the center hallway, and two more rear entryways, each leading to individual 2nd floor office suites.  The rear porch extends across the back of the house where a leaded glass window looks out to the parking area.

The house was built in 1882, but from the expansive parking lot at the rear (off E. Fisher Street), one can clearly see the 1940’s addition that was originally designed to hold kitchen space when the home was still a residence.  Notice the light poles around the home and in the delightful patio garden ~ there are (14) gas lights around the property!  What a special effect this has on The Bernhardt House and any business or family that may own this special piece of history!

And speaking of the patio garden…this courtyard style entertainment area is nestled between the no-longer used ramp drive up to the city sidewalk and the stockade fence along the Norfolk Southern Rail tracks, just off the parking area. Shade trees offer a leafy canopy over a large decorative concrete fountain basin and large stone benches.

Let’s walk inside. Throughout the main center hallway, up the stairwell, and along the upper hall, period wallpaper decorates the walls and lighting mimicking wall lamps of the Victorian era. The wood spandrel from the grand staircase across the hall is original and completely intact. You won’t find features like this in many homes of this era that are so carefully preserved.  The sweeping staircase itself is adorned with simple carved risers, also carefully preserved.

As we enter the grand first floor rooms, the first thing that will be impressed upon you is the 14-foot ceilings, perfect wall paper, and floor-to-ceiling windows (many complete with designer window treatments) that allow natural light to stream in. 
There are eight fireplaces in the home, one in each of the grand-scale rooms, originally intended for coal-burning heat.  Many retain original mantels and tile work.  But the modern touch on these beautiful architectural features is that many have been up-fitted with gas log systems, with gas logs in place. Those that do not have the log systems are still plumbed for gas and only need the addition of the logs. Where will you find an 1882 Victorian house under $200,000 with gas log systems in every original fireplace?

As we take in the modern touches seamlessly integrated with the over-the-top preservation effort that has obviously been painstakingly implemented at The Bernhardt House, you might not notice the ample number of electric and phone line outlets in each room.  So many older homes are loaded with charm, but lack the outlets required for today’s computer-reliant society.  Not so with The Bernhardt House.  This special Victorian structure is move-in ready and wired for today’s e-world. The many rooms equipped with built-in storage features additionally compliment modern life-styles.

The second floor of The Bernhardt House is distinctly divided into two separate suites, ideal for office spaces.  A main center hallway can take visitors downstairs to the main level that has one of the large parlors designated as a conference room.  Each second story suite has its own lavatory (there are no full bathrooms in the building), and a small kitchenette/breakroom area (there is no true kitchen in The Bernhardt House).  Downstairs on the main level, you will find another kitchenette area, and handicap accessible Men’s Room & Ladies Room lavatories.  There are (3) staircases in all: The main grand-hall stairwell, and two separate staircases leading from the rear suite entrances to the individual 2nd story suites.

As we head back outside, you will note that the large paved parking area is enclosed with 8 ft. high stockade fencing, providing both a visual and auditory barrier between other area businesses and the nearby railway. The parking area could easily be closed and locked to allow for entry at the owner’s discretion.
There is currently no access to The Bernhardt House from Innes Street, the main road from Interstate-85 through downtown Salisbury NC.  A staircase leads from the landscaped City sidewalk to The Bernhardt House front entry, however an iron fence encircles the front walkway and there is no gate.  New owners could easily install a gate for pedestrian access to the front entry.

Call Greg Rapp at 704.213.6846 to make an appointment to see these and many more fine details The Bernhardt House has to offer, at $180,000 ~ a 19th century restored Victorian gem, rich with details ~ waiting for you!

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  1. This house is a wonderful old lady and I wish I had the means to purchase it. I own a nice Victorian home in Sayville, NY but we are not in a position right now to sell and move. Best of luck selling this house to a worthy buyer !