September 22, 2012

1022 Terrace Drive ~ Spacious Split Level Design ~ Quiet Neighborhood ~ $99,900!

If you are looking for lots of room, organic design that accommodates living and entertaining, and a blank canvas for decorating and landscaping, the solid brick home at 1022 Terrace Drive in Salisbury North Carolina is the home for you! This split-level home is available and move-in ready for under $100,000 in a peaceful established neighborhood with old growth shade trees. The space in this home undulates from one room to the next, from one level to the next, offering privacy while achieving a rhythmic flow to the home. There are a number of benefits associated with split-level house plans. From square footage to better utilization of the lot, split-level homes are intriguing in that they offer plenty of practical space while being adaptable to custom decoration.

Benefits Galore!
The first and most obvious benefit of the split-level home at 1022 Terrace Drive is the amount of space it contains. Split-level homes are well-known for being great homes for people with children ~ they typically have almost as much square footage on the bottom floor as they do on the top. This split-level home, with over 2100 square feet of living space, is well laid-out and makes smart use of the space available, featuring a variety of living spaces. This layout of split-levels is another enormous benefit. The all hardwood-floor bedrooms and one bath are on the upper floor. The bedrooms all feature high windows that allow light yet privacy. The master suite has its own full bathroom and double sliding door closet. The open, inviting, eat-in kitchen (with new oven and loads of cupboard & counter space!), the combo dining - living room, and one more bathroom are located on the central or main entry floor. The living room features a large picture window that fills the room with light. The main level is where you’ll also find the entrance to the large attached two-car garage off the kitchen. The garage has a handicap ramp so this might be the home, especially with all the space, to consider if you are caring for elderly parents.

One of the most special features of the solid brick home at 1022 Terrace Drive is the large 26’ x 28’ finished walkout basement which includes a half bath, a fireplace with stove insert, a large storage closet, and laundry room. The tiled floor includes a gaming board! For parents with children, the family room becomes the playroom, a place where the kids can entertain themselves, out of the way, but right around the corner.

Possibilities Galore!

1022 Terrace Drive is a GREAT home for the money, priced $21,000 under tax value! The split-level design here is simple and unadorned, offering a clean slate and a chance for the new homeowners to customize it. This could be interior modifications, landscaping, or simply repainting. Almost anything will work with split-level decor.

Keep in mind that the three level split is based on what was originally a Frank Lloyd Wright design. Wright championed "organic" architecture and split-level floor plans keep that concept alive. If you could commission Wright to redesign your split, he might remove the walls between living room, kitchen,and dining room...and replace them with a single half wood/half glass wall, or something equally dramatic ~ and there's no reason you can't do the same.
Most people decorate their splits in an eclectic style, and this is great! Most American homes are decorated this way. Most splits are mid-20th century homes, and have existed during a prolific age of changing styles and tastes. With its organic design where the rooms are cozy but connected, you get the most out of what is available to you and have the ability to upgrade and adapt your home in whatever way suits you. People entering the house will be welcomed by the main floor layout, the arched passageway from living room to kitchen, and will feel very little barrier before entering the living room. New homeowners can create a simple barrier by the front door with as little as a series of potted plants on a stand, or perhaps an aquarium, maybe even a bench with a column. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Speaking of Exterior . . .

1022 Terrace Drive sits on approximately a on acre fenced in lot ~ a grassy expanse lined by large shade trees. There is little landscaping in place, a landscaper’s dream to be able to create artistic and welcoming outdoor ‘rooms’, with a deep front yard, a gently graded slope yard at the house waiting to be softened by plantings, gardens, or even stonework, and a large level fenced-in back yard. The concrete patio at the back of the house is a great place for outdoor area for basking and coffee, for entertaining and barbequing, or just sitting back relaxing and watching the kids play in the huge yard. There is even a basketball hoop in place for you to shoot a few baskets before dinner!

The large back yard is on level terrain and offers plenty of space to create areas for an outdoor storage shed, firewood storage, garbage cans, bicycles, or something as simple as a clothesline or a secure run for the family dog

Upkeep and Adaptability

Split-level homes require straightforward maintenance and upkeep - maintaining the working parts of the split-level home is not expensive and is easily adaptable. With its brick exterior, 1022 Terrace Drive will never need more than trim painting! The home is heated and cooled with both gas and electric systems. Property taxes are approx $1473.00 per year. 1022 Terrace Drive has newly updated electrical systems. This home is move-in ready!

Come look today!  

Greg Rapp will be pleased to show you the endless possibilities in your new split-level home at 1022 Terrace Drive…all for $99,900! Call Greg at 704.213.6846 to picture yourself and your family in this spacious home!

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